Conversion of OLM Contacts to CSV without Any Hassle

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Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular desktop email clients used for the purpose of both personal and professional emailing. There are many reasons for this, one of them being its availability in both Mac and Windows operating systems. While Outlook for Windows stores its entire data in Personal Storage Table file, Outlook Mac stores its data in OLM file. The entire data items of Outlook for Mac like emails, contacts, calendars, etc. get stored in OLM file. At times it happens that a user needs to export all the contacts of OLM file. For this CSV format is the most suitable option as the contacts stored in it can be easily acceded by a number of applications. Conversion of OLM contacts to CSV format can be effortlessly done with the help of Outlook for Mac Contacts Exporter

To accomplish the task of conversion, utilization of the software is effortless technique as all the contacts stored in the OLM file are easily exported by the tool together with no loss of data. To convert OLM to CSV within a fraction of time follow the below mentioned basic steps

Steps for Conversion of OLM Contacts to CSV Format

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  1. Add the OLM file by selecting Browse option. Also select the destination where the output CSV file has to be saved

  2. Select CSV format for saving the contacts.
  3. Click on Export option to convert the OLM contacts to CSV
  4. The location of output CSV file will be shown once the conversion is completed.

More about OLM and CSV File Formats

OLM file : Outlook Mac File aka OLM file is the proprietary file format for Mac Outlook. This file stores the entire data that a user operates on in Outlook. Be it emails, contact, calendars or journals, each attribute of Mac Outlook is stored in the OLM file. Since OLM file belongs to Mac Outlook, the file cannot be accessed on any other platform except for Outlook Mac. Therefore, if you try to access OLM file in Windows Outlook, the file will not be accessible in it.

CSV File : CSV (Comma Separated Value) file stores the tabular data in plain text format. It contains different records consisting of fields that are separated by commas. It is the most common format for exchanging data due to the fact that it acts as the format for migrating data between platforms that do not support same file formats. DSo for the accessibility of data convert OLM contacts to CSV format usingh the software and easily access in various applications as per need.